Friday, February 21, 2014

Moving!!! This was meant to be posted in 2012 but I was so traumatized I couldn't do it!

I know that in the past I had shared with many of you my fears concerning my husband's job in Grove. I can tell you that we have survived "The Firm." As many of you know, I was concerned on multiple levels about moving here.  I had a love/hate relationship with my house. I had a love/concern relationship with my children's school.  The tornado hit Joplin and my friends scattered and life was never the same there.  It never quite had the same charm for me even before that.  I think the disbanding of the Mom's Club and how it happened really changed things for me there.  Anyway.  I was concerned about the stability, the "no other option" market, what was going to happen in three years when we were promised partner, what was there to do in Grove.  So after 2 years of torture with Gabe commuting, we finally bit the bullet and sold the house.  What a nightmare. Never believe a real estate agent when they say "it will never happen".  It happens and hits you like a ton of bricks.
So we move here 1 week before school starts last year and I start getting busy.

Let's talk about the move:   I have a buyer, we negotiate. One week before we are to close and move to Grove, I get a call that the buyer has Colon cancer and has to have immediate surgery.  Now they don't know what they are going to do.  I have already rented a house in Grove and have arrangements to move out in a week.  I am sick and I know they were too.  So we decide to move anyway.

(Going to interject here, now that our buyers are shaky, I need to start showing the house again because we are moving to Grove.  I get this couple that comes out in the morning, bitches about my house and how much of it she does not like it, then wants to come back at 430 pm after I have been home the rest of the day with the kids.  I almost told her to shove it.  But I didn't.  I really needed to get out of this house!)

So moving day, we are in Grove to meet the truck, I walk into the house and it is flooded.  The truck is 30 minutes behind me and my land lord is 1 hour away heading for Wichita.  I am freaking out.  I could have two buyers for my house (my real estate agent told me that would never happen!) And now, I have people with vacuums sucking up water with a shop vac and a little nozzle. There was a child work law violation going on for sure! I have 4 huge fans blowing all over the house!  I have movers moving my shit where ever they can put it.  I have a husband at work and my parents have the kids at the pool and I can't sleep in the house I just moved into! To say the least, this day sucked.

After the movers were gone, the rental lady gone, my rents still at the pool, my husband still at work, I was sitting on the porch absolutely mentally and physically exhausted and I got a phone call.  The first buyers decided not to by the house,  understandably, but we had another contract.  I was in absolute shock.

Then came the fight over the appraisal.  I will tell you that I saw it coming.  Housing values in Briarbrook were dropping.   I could see a future where you were not going to be able to see a house sell for over $300000.  I got the phone call that the second buyers appraisal came in twenty grand underneath the first.  I was pissed.  In the end I made the new buyer switch banks to buy the house otherwise I was not selling it. I would move back to Joplin before we took a huge hit on the house!

I won.

Then the woman proceeded to paint my recently stained  repaired front door.  Tragic.

Now back to Grove.

One of the perks I was told about was that Grove schools we so fantastic, so great, so wonderful with kids who have issues or specific needs.  When I tried to register them last year, I wanted to talk to the principal about concerns for the type of teacher I wanted for Rowan.  Hands on, up and moving, perky and able to keep his attention.  I didn't get there.  When I asked to talk to someone I was told "we are full to the gills".  Check.  The secretary pointed out the Principal and told me (as I sat there watching) that she was with one of her teachers and that she would leave her a message to call me.  Check2.  But OK.  So I took the paperwork home, filled out 5000 sheets of paper and got it back up to the school the next day(I believe it was a Tuesday).  I waited for a call Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  No call came.  Friday afternoon I drove the kids to Turkey Ford, walked in, met the entire staff in the office and got the papers to register my kids that day.  The staff was welcoming and wonderful! I completed the emergency transfer paperwork, went back to Grove on Monday handed it to the secretary and she had the nerve to ask me " didn't we just register them last week?"  I said yes you did, and since I did not get a phone call, I am pulling all four of them today.  She was speechless.  I pulled them.


I co-slept/had Rowan's crib in our room until he was over 1. Every time I tried to move him, he projectile vomited!  He stayed!  The twins slept in swings for months  under the counter in the kitchen next to our bedroom.  Chloe slept under a humidifier that we had on the counter and it humidified every breath she snorted while sucking on her sissy. The twins always had each other to sleep with and they were in our room until after we moved to Joplin. When Ian had his "fits" (screaming for hours) I would lay him in our bed and hush him to sleep and it would be hours before he woke up. There were nights when I didn't catch it early enough and could not sooth him and we let him scream it out, Chloe would sleep right through them.  I regret it every day knowing he just needed us. I  tried with Collin, but I realized how absolutely wonderful it was to curl up next to my son who smelled so good and who fit perfectly into the crook of my right arm and under my chin.  I still remember the day I realized my arm did not curl up under his knees like it did when he was a baby.  I never looked at CIO as described below, but I think in my mommy's heart, I knew what they needed was us.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Well this has been an interesting year to say the least!  Of all the things we have learned, the most important lesson has been to trust that God has a plan.

We have learned that our house would sell when it was time.  That one buyer would back out and on the same day, another contract would come in. We have learned never to say never when it comes to selling a house!  Anything can happen and for us, it did.

We have learned to live in a 1800 sq. foot house after being blessed to own a 4200 sq. foot house.
We have been given the opportunity to help others quite generously with the contents of that 4200 sq. foot house!!! We gave freely and unconditionally.

I have learned that my body feels so much better when I live off protein shakes with tons of fruit and a little peanut butter, and homemade organic tomato soup.  My fingernails finally started to come back strong again!

We have learned that the outside is the best place for our kids.  They love boating, swimming in the lake at the campgrounds near our house.  They love fishing, getting dirty, playing on the boat in our front yard. They love finding lizards and have learned about every kind of spider they can find, including the tarantula our neighbor Dennis brought over!!! They love to go caving and canoeing!

We have learned to love to hula-hoop!

We have learned that our dog Scout likes to roam, but stays very close to home.  We have learned to love Tank, and how to not love the man who took a 2x4 to his eye!  We have learned what enucleation means. We have learned that Tank will not get in the car again ever without some kind of sedation on board! I know he thinks I will remove 2 other things!  Ha ha.

We have come to love our neighbors and our landlord and his family.  They are now and will forever be a part of our family.

We have come to love our school and the faculty that works there.  Their gifts to us have been priceless.  Rowan has learned he is where he needed to be all along, and Collin has forgotten why is doing Pre-K again!

We have learned that we can maintain friendships over distances.  I have learned that I will do whatever it takes to maintain Jack and Ian's friendships as long as forever!

We have learned that business is business.  We have also learned to see with better eyes at a business!  Sometimes better than those running the business!

Gabe has been blessed with 3 years of independent practice. This allowed him to be given his 45 days notice on a Friday and have a job offer the next Tuesday!  And it's a better job in a prettier part of the country, near a lake you can scuba dive!

We have learned that we are flexible, adaptable, and to be together is enough. We have learned to see through better eyes what is best for us!

God rocks!  For us, with the changes coming,  his timing has rocked.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I really do have a sweet spot for where we live!  We can burn leaves any time we want!   It also becomes a family affair that the kids love!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Things we've learned since moving to Grove


How to get so dirty that we fluff like Pigpen!
How to get so dirty my Mom has to wash my hair 5 times to get the dirt out!
How to get so dirty even a shower with a scrunchy scubbing does not get the dirt off our feet!
Big dogs ROCK!!!!
We are learning how to eat food outside with the big dogs!
How to stoke a fire while burning leaves.
We have learned that spiders are cool!  They live on our patio and eat all the bugs!  (My mom also lets us keep them!)
We have learned how to differentiate the spiders that we catch!  Even Collin recognizes a brown recluse!
We have learned that gravel driveways are fantastic for big wheel racing!
We are learning that my parents will never plug in the Wii or the XBox until it reaches 0 degrees outside.
We are learning to follow paths in the woods!
We have learned how to level off a drop in the driveway!
We are learning how we love to share bedrooms!
We are learning how to love and like our baby brother Collin! He's crazy!
We are learning how to cook Paleo!
We are learning how to get along in small spaces!
We have learned that we love the pool and the parks here!
My children have fallen in love with their school in the castle!
Collin and Chloe have learned how to eat sandwiches!!!!!
Ian is loving his home-made Almond butter!
Chloe has learned that Tank like eating shoes.

I am learning to love the wind blowing through the trees here and the sound of the woods, day and night.
I have learned that I really miss my friends.
I have recognized that I need to enjoy those moments when I am with them, knowing we are all focused on our families and we all miss each other.
I am a firm believer that my children are better off in a classroom with 17 students instead of 25 to 27.
I have learned to love the sound of the woods at night on my wonderful front porch.  I have to say that I like it even better than from my deck on the old house.
I love that no matter where I go, or my children go on this property, that there is 225-250 pounds of dogs following us!  Keeping us safe!
I have learned that I am not afraid to be outside in the dark with my dogs.
I have learned that I don't need 4200 square feet of house for my family, but I have also learned that less than 2000 can be a wee bit small.
I am learning that stuff you don't use for 2-3 months is just stuff you don't need!  Except Holiday schoochie of course!
I have learned that my life has not changed, it's just changed location.
I have learned how much I miss my kids every day that ALL are in school.
I love being able to walk my kids to their classroom in the morning and pick them up from their classrooms in the afternoon.  No more car pool lines for this Momma for a while!
I love this saying: The way we talk to our kids becomes the voice in their heads. I have learned that it is much harder that it looks!

Says all the above!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The mornings

I really am enjoying the mornings here!  Kids off to school, I handle my "home" work from the front porch, the dog is out chasing all the squirrels. I am finding those hours I have not had in a long time.  It is beautiful here with the sun shiny through the trees, listening to the life in the woods around us.  

Now we need to make the decision whether we really want to live in the woods or not!!!

Kids love school! I love their school!  Kids love our yard.  I love that the kids love being outside in the yard!  We have taken lizards to school! Snake skins to school! We have a happy dog who is out free in the yard making friends everywhere!  I refuse to hook up the XBox or the wii!  

There is not much to do in Grove. Imagine that!
But I will be busy trying to get through a garage with 4000 sq feet of stuff in it!  Gabe has banned me from shopping for a year!  Hysterical! 

This is our new friend Tank!

This is the water hole at the end of the driveway when it rains!  Kids had a blast!

August 28 2012 and the continuing saga

I am typing this from the bay window in the master bedroom of  my rental house.  It really is quite peaceful.  We are surrounded by woods and the indirect lighting is gorgeous.  How did I get to rental house you ask?  Let me tell you a little story.....

The first contract on our house was to close on July 31st.  Wonderful couple, grandkids living in our neighborhood, great house, great place to live. It was Not meant to be!

On July 16th my beautiful grandmother Honey died and her funeral was to be on the 19th. In-between her funeral and her burial I found out that the couple buying our house had some serious health issues that needed to be addressed.  I also found out we had another couple seriously interested in our house.
Keep in mind the movers were coming on July 26th to transport all our stuff to Grove.  That happened.

Anyway, back to the story.  So I came home from a sad, wonderful, humbling weekend with my family to power clean my house for a Monday 10 am showing.  Got that done.  Showed the house at 10am, then after a day in it with the kids, they wanted to see it again at 4:30 pm.  Needless to say I had 30 minutes to repair the damage from 4 kids.  I was not too happy, but I did it.  Anything to sell the house.

Next, the initial buyers, I will call them Buyers A, found out the husband needed surgery and it was going to be on July 31st (our closing day).  Now we were into negotiations about a August 31st close date.
Here were the questions running through my head: What's his surgical risk? Can they buy the house?  How to pay for all of this?  Kids start school on August 16th, what to do about them. Start them in Grove or start them in Carl?  Move in July or move in August.  On and on and on.

July 25th rolls around and nothing is resolved yet.  Buyers B put in a great bid.  So now it is up to buyers A.

July 26th my entire house (except for a ton more crap) is loaded onto 2 trucks.  We staying in the Fairfield Inn in Joplin.  I won't do that again.  Found out there is a difference releasing someone from a contract and letting it expire.  There are legal issues there as to who can sue who for whatever the other party decided to do. Stress!

Up at 0900 on July 27th, open the door to my rental and it smells.  I need to interject that the carpets had been cleaned just the week before.  I walk in, and both the bathrooms are flooded.  After trying to power flush the washing machine line on the house, it backed up into the tubs in both bathrooms.  The movers showed up at 0930.  By that time I had a carpet guy in, the owners friends in(owner on his way out of town), the property management rep in, and 2 fans on the way.  It was not pretty and I was not happy.

After everything was moved in, 3 fans running, 2 dehumidifiers running, kids at the pool, husband at work through all this, I got the call from the realtors that Buyers A had released us from the contract due to health issues.

I was speechless., devastated, elated we had another contract effective when this one was released, exhausted mentally and physically. I was done.

So then came the appraisal!  Significantly lower than the first one!  Stuck to our guns and told 2nd buyers to either switch banks to the first buyers bank or lose the house.  They switched Thank God!

There was one other bump in the road and they handled it!  They now own their Mercedes!!!!

We closed on Sept 6th.  One day before our 4th close date!

I don't ask for this drama.  I don't deserve this drama. But I gave it up to God and Honey and Baba and Mev to work it all out for us!  After reacquainting myself with the theory of taking things one day at a time and teaching my real estate agent to never never never say "everything is going to be fine", I let it go.  What was supposed to happen would happen.  We were supposed to be where we ended up.  We are in Grove and this has been one of the best moves that we have ever made. We are finding a heart and a home for our family that we have never had before.  We get to see our Dah off in the morning and he is home early most days to be here for the afternoons. We have never had this before in our relationship.  I love it!

Another blessed note, Buyers A surgery went great!  Gabe and I were so relieved and pleased for them.  What a terrible circumstance to find yourself in, but thank God for routine medical testing to catch it!

this is a picture of the boat in my front yard!  Beautiful!